Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 16 Hidaka to Tomakomai

Sunday 24 June  Day 16
Hidaka to Tomakomai (109km) Total 1431 

Despite the continual rain, I had a great sleep in my tent.  I must have been tired after the big climb yesterday!  I made the decision to cycle to Tomakomai this morning – I was looking for a town that was likely to have a hotel, around 100km away…

The cycle through the mountains to Mukawa was really scenic and lovely… lots of ups and down (although thankfully, more downs) and hardly any traffic.  From Mukawa to Tomakamai, I followed Route 38, which had a bit more traffic and was a bit less scenic, but still quite a nice ride. 

It was easy to find my way to Tomakomai station, and I immediately saw a Route Inn Hotel (the same as I had stayed in at Kusharo).  Unfortunately, they were fully booked up, but the Toyako Hotel just down the street could offer a reasonably priced single room.  It was 2:45, and check-in was at 4pm, so I left my bags and bicycle at the hotel, got changes into street-clothes, and went for a walk around the station and mall next door.  The mall had a supermarket, which was fun to look around (and I bought a delicious seaweed salad), and a western-style coffee shop where I was able to get a very nice latte to sip while killing some time reading.

The Hotel itself was really comfortable – a nice room, laundry facilities, and I found out that the price even included dinner (quite good curry rice), in addition to a decent breakfast.

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