Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 13 Kawayu to Kushiro

Thursday 21 June
Day 13: Kawayu to Kushiro 108km (total 1109km)

I have had to alter my plans to stay at lake-side camp sites over the past two days because of rainy weather - while I don't mind cycling in the cold rain, I really feel that I need a hot shower and a warm dry roof over my head!

So, I am in Kusharo tonight - It is quite a large city, really, and has a good range of accommodation options. I am staying in a really nice hotel (Route Inn Hotel) in the inner-city (right across from the JR Station) for only ¥4900, and that includes breakfast!  Seriously, this is one of the nicest and definitely the best value hotels I have stayed in!  I am very happy after cycling 108km in cold and rainy conditions.

I cycled up to the viewing platform at Lake Mashu (20km round-trip) yesterday after leaving my panniers in my Hotel room, but it was very cloudy and I couldn't see much of the lake (which is a shame, it is supposedly one of the clearest lakes in the world). This morning, I cycled along Lake Kussharo on my way out of Kawayu and towards Teshikaga.  Even though it was rainy, it was a nice ride.

I am becoming quite aware that I need to move slowly but steadily towards Sapporo now, as I only have 6 days left of this holiday.  I am a bit sad to leave Japan behind soon, but also looking forward to seeing people on my return to Adelaide, and getting back into writing my thesis!

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