Sunday, May 6, 2012

Getting organised

Only a month to go now, and I am starting to get organised.  This week I contacted a WarmShowers host in Sapporo to ask whether I could stay with him when I arrive in Hokkaido and fortunately received a warm and positive response.  I can't want to meet Kenichi and his family.

I decided to also gather together everything I will bring with me, and construct a packing check-list.  Although I usually gather all my gear together in advance, I have never made a check-list. It usually works out fine but I invariably bring some gear that is never used. So, I thought that the process of physically writing down everything I plan to bring may provide an opportunity to consider whether it is really necessary.

This is all my stuff:

 It actually doesn't look like much, and it will easily fit in my two rear panniers, but this is the detailed list:

1x Macpac nautilus tent
1x Macpac sleeping bag
1x silk sleeping bag liner
1x Thermarest inflatable mattress
1x Exped inflatable pillow
1 x MSR Pocket Rocket stove
1 x single anodised pot set (3cup pot & 1cup mug)
1 x titanium cutlery set
1 x Black Diamond camp light
1 x Petzl head lamp
1x torch

1x Icebreaker long sleeve cycling top
1x Icebreaker short sleeve cycling top
1 pair Icebreaker arm sleeves
1x Icebreaker womens cycling knicks
1x  Ground Effects cycling knicks
1x Netti womens water-proof cycling jacket
1x 2XU winter cycling jacket
1x Icebreaker beanie
1x Icebreaker gloves
2x long-sleeve Icebreaker tops (200gw, 150gw)
2x short-sleeve 150gw Icebreaker tops
2x short-sleeve 200gw Icebreaker tops (incl Henley T-shirt)
1x Icebreaker 200gw womens GT leggings
1x Khaki pants long/¾
1x black tights
1x nice dress (non-wrinkle)
1x Marmot water-proof jacket
2x swimwear (bikini & one piece)
1x cap
3x Icebreaker underwear
3 x bras (2 sport crop; 1 normal)
1x Icebreaker singlet
3 pairs Icebreaker socks
1x small microfibre towel
1x cycling shoes (SPD)
1x trainers (or Keanes, I can't decide!).
1x ballet flats

2 x drybags (1 large, I small)
Foldable day bag
Japanese Phrasebook
Hokkaido road map
Toiletries (BodyGlide, sunscreen, toothbrush & paste, deodorant, shampoo & conditioner, moisturisers, cleanser, basic make-up, moist wipes, lip balm)
Mini first aid kit (bandaids, dressings, antiseptic, bandage, panadeine)
Electronics (laptop, camera, Kindle, iPod, iPhone & cords)
Zipvit electrolyte tablets, water treatment tabs
Bike stuff (helmet, cycling glasses, gloves, drink bottle, front & rear lights)
Bike repair stuff (multi tool, folded tyre, tubes, tyre levers, pump, patch kit, chain lube, spare brake/gear line, brake pads, spare screws, duct tape, gloves…)

In terms of culling, I could probably leave a few short-sleeve shirts at home, only bring one water-proof jacket, and only bring one swim suit.  Although my cycling shoes have recessed cleats, I plan on doing a few long hikes in National Parks, so I really need trainers or other shoes in addition, so I don't want to cut back there.
I want to buy another dry bag for my computer and plug-adapter, but other than that, I don't think that there is anything else I need...